Max. 2.550 mm.



Max. 4.000 mm. *

Axle Distance Range


1.300 ~ 1.400 mm. *




King-Pin Height


1.250 ~ 1.350 mm. *

Curb Weight


10.000 ~ 16.000 kg. *







Geometric Volume


45 - 48 - 51 - 57 - 60 m³ *







Building Material Series


Pressure Cup Steel

Products to be transported


LPG, Propane, Bhutan *


* It varies depending on the product type and optional equipment selected.





Tank Body

Gooseneck-cylindrical cross-section design in compliance with EN 12493 design standard, 

For EN 12493-compliant pressure-loaded body components,

High temperature steels (P...GH) per EN 10028-2 standard or fine grain steels (P...N or P...N...) per EN 10028-3 standard, high strength, imported, unique "P" series pressure vessel materials. 

One torispheric or ellipsoid outer camber at the front and rear, cross type positioned perpendicular to the direction of movement in accordance with EN 12493 design standard to prevent liquid movement in the body and transport half-filled (usage between "and" of the tank's gross volume).breakwaters 

ISO 3834 Welded manufacturing quality qualification is approved,

With robotic welding technology and the circumferential welding method, the bent plates are joined together in longitudinal rings without T points. This makes a cylindrical body structure that meets the EN 12493 design standard. 

Emergency reaction hole in the horizontal axis to ensure total tanker emptying in the event of an overturn, 

The V-shaped consoles that are used to connect the body to the chassis are welded to the body and bolted to the chassis. This makes the body stronger. 


Filling / Discharging Line: 



Filling and discharging piping in compliance with both or one of the EN 10216-1 and EN 10217-1 standards,


Placement of pipework to prevent damage from heat expansion and contraction, mechanical shock, and vibration


Closed circuit filling and discharging with ball valves in the installation cabinet,


For bottom filling or discharge openings, a triple independent closing mechanism (bottom valve - filling or discharge valve - blind flange, or cover) is used.


The emergency stop (shutdown) mechanism is linked to the filling and discharge lines.


Thermal expansion valves are used in pipe sections where liquid can get stuck between closed valves. These valves are set up to release at a pressure that is not higher than the design pressure of the tank. They are also placed so that they are not facing the pressure vessel and are not in the lower quarter of the horizontal pipe.


ISO 3834-patent welded elbows, filling/discharging installation extending from foot valves to filling/discharging valves, and weld manufacturing quality certification certified






Half chassis, perfect for body design, "I" section, made with synergetic welding technology, reinforced with intermediate sleepers, body console connections fastened to the chassis, resistant to twisting and bending.


Certified welders within the framework of ISO 3834 Welded manufacturing quality qualification approval manufacture chassis construction parts in perfect harmony using synergistic welding machines.




Chassis Equipment:







Parts type-approved in accordance with the ECE R 55 standard, 2" or 3.5", can be installed and removed from the bottom.

Mechanical Legs


Each trailer support leg has a double speed, a dynamic load capability of 25 tons, and a static load capacity of 50 tons.



Axle set, each with a capacity of 9 or 12 tons, mechanic or air suspension, drum or disc brakes



14,00 – 11,75 – 9,00 x 22,5



425 - 385 /65 R 22,5 (single) or 31/80 R 22,5 (double)

Brake System


EBS/ABS brake system compliant with ECE R 13

Electric System


ADR electrical set compliant with ECE R 105 regulation.



Compliant with ECE R 58 regulation




Sandblasting in SA 2 12 quality before painting

Apply at least two coats of epoxy primer.

Two coats of acrylic paint and the final coat of "OVEN PAINT" application.


TÖKE TRAILER reserves the right to make changes to the items. Technical information is approximate and intended for standard product application. Dimensions may vary based on the brand and model of the truck. The information provided above does not represent an offer. You can obtain further product-related details by contacting us.