Max. 2.550 mm.



max 4000 mm *

Axle Distance Range


1.300 ~ 1.400 mm *

King-Pin Height


1.250 ~ 1.350 mm *

Curb Weight


6.000 ~ 9.750 kg *







Geometric Volume


20.000 ~ 32.000 l *

Number of Compartments


1 ~ 5 *







Building Material Series


Stainless Steel *

Products to be transported


Milk, chocolate, wine, molasses, food oils, etc. liquid foods *

Operating Temperature


-20 ˚C +150 ˚C

* It varies depending on the product type and optional equipment selected.




Tank Body

EN 14025-compliant conical-cylindrical section design,

One outer camber in the front and rear, one inner camber/breakwater in accordance with the EN 14025 design standard, and the number of compartments selected.

ISO 3834 authorized weld production quality qualification,

In the tanker manufacturing industry, conical and primary body structures, transversely seamless, monolithic plates, and their welding joints, created with the longest welding seam technology, having the fewest number of joint (T) points, a safe, smooth surface, and distinctive body structures.

The stress effect on the body and welding faults produced by the human factor are eliminated and made safe against hits and impacts by employing continuous, high-performance robotic welding technology.

Robotic welding is used on the monoblock connection saddles to make sure that the body is held together by a single piece. This makes the body stronger and reduces the stress at the chassis’ joints.

A special design allows for full discharge, ensuring that no liquid remains in any compartment of the tank.

EN 15120-compliant air gap safety against expansion and overflow.



The tank body is covered with rock wool, which keeps the product's temperature and fluidity stable for a long period and provides complete thermal insulation.

An insulation coating is applied to the body, preventing sagging by wrapping the insulation around the body, giving protection against external elements, sealing the seams with lath and heat-resistant rubber, enhancing the visual appeal, and providing front and rear insulation camber.




Discharging / Filling Line

Filling Line:

Depending on the driving direction with couplings, filling occurs from the right arm, the back from the bottom, over the manhole covers, or through the closed-circuit couplings.

Discharging Line:

Free discharge to the flow is provided by means of discharge line pipework in accordance with EN 13094, on the driver's right, stretching from the foot valves to the couplings, with a slope so that no liquid remains in the line after discharge.

ISO 3834 Welded Manufacturing Quality Qualification for Discharge Pipes Welded to Imported Patent Elbows is recognized





It is made of stainless steel and can be used to transport liquid food as long as it meets the requirements. 




Specially constructed monoblock chassis, inclined horizontally and vertically in accordance with body design to provide tipping safety

The precise fit between the monoblock connection saddles and the chassis mounting slots creates a rigid structure and boosts the strength.

The stress-reduction gaps on it ease tension by spreading the force caused by the road conditions across the walking group.

Certified welders within the framework of ISO 3834 Welded manufacturing quality qualification approval manufacture chassis construction parts in perfect harmony using synergistic welding machines.


Chassis Equipment







Parts type-approved in accordance with the ECE R 55 standard, 2" or 3.5", can be installed and removed from the bottom.

Mechanical Legs


Each trailer support leg has a double speed, a dynamic load capability of 25 tons, and a static load capacity of 50 tons.



Axle set, each with a capacity of 9 or 10 tons, air suspension, and disc brakes



14,00 or 11,75 x 22,5



425 or 385 /65 R 22,5

Brake System


2S2M EBS brake system with RSP in compliant with ECE R 13

Electric System


ADR electrical set compliant with ECE R 105 regulation.



Compliant with ECE R 58 regulation






Following in-tank pickling, the passivation procedure prevents bacterial growth and chemical corrosion.

Outside the tank, apply at least two coats of epoxy primer.

Two coats of acrylic paint and the final coat of "OVEN PAINT" application,

The high-tech equipment makes sure that the varnished paint gloss is spread evenly all over the body and shines brightly on the surface. 


TÖKE TRAILER reserves the right to make changes to the items. Technical information is approximate and intended for standard product application. Dimensions may vary based on the brand and model of the truck. The information provided above does not represent an offer. You can obtain further product-related details by contacting us.