Who We Are?

TÖKE MAKINA AUTOMOTIVE IMPORT EXPORT INDUSTRY AND TRADE LIMITED COMPANY, a business that has been around since 1996, continues to inspire confidence as a company that has been in its industry for a long time.

Our organization, one of the industry's pioneers, is pleased to serve you with a more professional approach, superior service, and a more knowledgeable staff policy centered on continual improvement.

With the significance it places on R&D studies, its expertly educated workforce, and its engineering staff, TOKE MAKNA provides unmatched service to the rapidly evolving fuel industry, earning the trust of its devoted clientele and the satisfaction that comes with consistently ranking at the top of its field.

Our company, which registers its goods and quality with TSE, EN ISO 3834 - 2 Quality Certificate for Melting Welding of Metallic Materials, VEHICLE TYPE APPROVAL, TRADEMARK REGISTRATION, WPS, WPAR, and exports to a large number of foreign countries with ISO 9001 2015 ISO 14001 45001:2018 certification, is expanding steadily.

It renews itself on a daily basis by expanding its product portfolio and production rate and by offering all types of Fuel Tanker, Trailer, Trailer Semi-Trailer, Product Storage Boilers, Chrome 304 Quality stainless steel Food tanker, Acid tanker. Our company, which has taken significant measures to become a WORLD brand, continues to export by registering its quality with the ADR SEMI TRAILER and TRAILER TANK DESIGN certificates.

Our organization will strive to be with you, our valued consumers, by generating quality and trust as if it were the first day. REGARDS.


07 December 2022

Our newly redesigned website is now available to you!

"The newly redesigned Toke Trailer website is now live! In order to provide better corporate service to its consumers, we launched an innovative website. You may track all of our current projects and get corporate news here. The development of our ne